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It took a long time, but it's finally here... and here to stay.

A little backstory

I have owned Infuse Dreams since 2012. One of the biggest problems I have had during my 6 years operating this company has been our website. It simply has not been right since day one. I consider our companies website to be extremely important. It's generally the first thing a customer will see when searching for the company, or looking for a product of ours. I feel that if a user sees a poor website as their initial introduction to the company, then that impression will wash over our products also.

Poor choices equals poor website

For the majority of our websites iterations, I decided to use Wordpress to power the site. Why you may ask? The reason was time constraints and a vast majority of seemingly easy to customise themes available for a low fee. This approach was always ended with a poor taste in my mouth. The site was always very slow. Poor load times are something that I just cannot accept. My sites content isn't pushing the limits, so it should be responsive.

The next problem was appearance. No matter how flexible Wordpress themes appear when advertised, there are always some restrictions or compromises you'll have to make that make your vision for your website impossible to attain. The last main problem with Wordpress is that the frequent updates generally end up breaking something. Whether its your theme, or one of the dozen plugins you'll end up needing to get things right, it zaps time and requires a lot of maintenance.

Time to spend time, to get results

I recently had a small vacation. During this vacation I decided to spend a few hours during the day, and a few hours in bed at night, whilst the kids were asleep to get my site up to scratch. I started by writing up extensive plans and designs to get down what I wanted, and how I wanted it done. I wrote the plans in the same way I would if I were contracting the job out.

Doing this was a great first step. It allowed me to pick what technology I wanted to use, write a list of the pro's and cons of each and plan everything out. I decided to use Bootstrap, Html5 and CSS3. Using these technologies allowed me to create the site in a way I always dreamed of it looking.

The future

During development, the biggest thing on my mind was maintainability. This has been something that was always a severe problem in the past. I decided the best thing to do was to not only comment the code extensively, but also to make templates. So three months down the line if I need to create a new page, I can just generate a template. I can also reference other pages and some documentation I wrote to get a new page up and running in no time.


I highly recommend you check out Bootstrap, Html5 and CSS3 for your next website refresh. I hope this article was an informative read and helps you when deciding on how to approach the development of your own website.

Thank you for reading.

After wasting so much time messing around with Wordpress, it was time to get to grips with Bootstrap, Html5 and CSS3 and do it right.

Danny Glover - Founder @ Infuse Dreams